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You recently had a heart attack and now you want to do everything you can to avoid a new incident? But how do you get started? The Syndo program is a professional guidance program developed with the support of cardiologists. Under the care of certified nurses you will learn how to adjust your lifestyle, step by step, towards peace of mind.

Heart Attack?

The Constant Fear Of Another Incident

A person that had a heart attack usually struggles with not thinking about it constantly. The fear of recurrence is ever present, even if it has been more than a year since the incident took place. Your cardiologist and general practitioner insist on the importance of significant lifestyle changes and the careful monitoring of any medication, but this often creates even more stress. How do you start? What can and are you allowed to still do?

Life after a Heart Attack

To avoid a new incident, you should follow the following three commandments:

Measure, measure, measure

By constantly monitoring vitals such as your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight, complications can be discovered earlier on.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle can raise your blood pressure or cholesterol. This in turn can lead to an increased chance of another heart attack.


If your cardiologist or general practitioner has prescribed certain medication, it is important that you follow the treatment carefully.

Syndo. A Watchful Eye For A Heart At Ease

The Syndo program helps you to enjoy life again with peace of mind. Your personal coach helps you adjust your lifestyle step by step, while the Syndo application automatically tracks all your vitals and helps you take your medication in a correct and timely fashion.

But, you also want to keep control of your life. That is why your Syndo coach adapts the program to your specific needs.

The Syndo Programma

Personal Coach

At the start of the program you will be appointed a personal Syndo coach. This certified nurse will help you adjust your lifestyle step by step. Your coach is also available to answer all your questions, or just to listen to your concerns.

Close Monitoring

With the Syndo app, your heart rate, blood pressure and weight are automatically and accurately monitored. Your cardiologist and general practitioner can also see this data if they wish. In addition, you will receive medication reminders and daily useful tips.

A Watchful Eye

Our technology constantly monitors the evolution of your vitals. If any deviations are spotted, an alarm will automatically go off and you will be contacted by one of our nurses. Your cardiologist or general practitioner will also be contacted if deemed necessary.
Heart rate monitor in a hospital

Difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest

A heart attack occurs when a blockage of a coronary artery suddenly causes a restricted blood and oxygen flow towards the heart.

The most common symptom is a pressing chest pain that may extend across the arms or jaws. You need medical help as soon as possible, but you are still conscious.

With cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping entirely. As a result, the organs no longer receive blood and oxygen and you lose consciousness within a few seconds.

Immediate resuscitation or an electrical shock with an AED device is required to prevent permanent brain damage and improve chances of survival.

What are the chances of another heart attack?

The chance of having another heart attack varies from person to person. Hereditary predisposition can play a role, but it is never the only cause.

The risk of a heart attack is mainly related to key factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking or being overweight. If you had a heart attack, a healthy lifestyle is extra important.

Eat healthy, exercise sufficiently, and learn to deal with stress and tension. Since your vitals play an important role, check them daily. Deviations or irregularities can be an early warning sign. Finally, did your doctor prescribe any medication? Then take it according to the prescription.

Hand on a chest - recurring heart attack


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