How Does
The Syndo Program Work?

It’s very easy! You just have to register in a few clicks and install the app, and the first session with your personal coach will be scheduled immediately.

What is Syndo?

Syndo Health is a unique counseling and guidance program for people with high blood pressure or a heart disease. Its main goal is to help these people manage their condition in the best possible way. Through an application on your smartphone and a team of certified nurses you will be helped to get your condition fully under control.

Syndo Health Applicatie


– Scientific information about your specific condition and medication

– Daily tips, recommended by cardiologists

– Automatic medication reminders

Syndo Health Applicatie & een Bloeddrukmeter


– Evolution of your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and exercise.

– Our experts will contact you immediately in case of deviations.

– Your doctor or cardiologist can also monitor all data.

Inge De Coen: Coach bij Syndo Health


 – Your Syndo coach is a certified nurse

– Expert in guiding people to a healthy lifestyle.

– Weekly telephone counselling sessions

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Choose your program

Choose the Syndo program that suits you best. Click here for a complete overview of the programs and prices.

Step 2

Create an account

You can currently try Syndo for free for a limited amount of time. Click here to create an account and register for free.

Step 3

Complete the questionnaire

After you have registered you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. One of our coaches will contact you to help you with this.

Stap 4

Introductory meeting

During an introductory meeting you discuss your personal situation with your coach and you draw up an action plan together.

Step 5

Download the app

Download the application on your phone, tablet or PC from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 6

Connect your devices

Connect your scale, pedometer, and blood pressure monitor to the Syndo app. Now you can monitor your measurements accurately. If you do not have these devices yet, Syndo can provide them. If desired, one of our coaches will help you to perform a test measurement.

Step 7

Coaching By Telephone

During the weekly telephone sessions with your coach, you will look at your values together and discuss which part of your lifestyle has the most impact on your condition and health.

Step 8

Monitoring your values

Your values are also monitored by our team of experts. If your blood pressure, weight or exercise levels deviate from the normal values, you will be contacted immediately. This provides you with extra peace of mind.

The coach offers a watchful eye and you can get immediately started with the advice you get. You feel more confident. The Syndo app also gives tips with useful information that I didn’t know yet, such as when you best take your medication.

Louis Van Den Brant

Thanks to the Syndo app you get to know your body better and you feel more relaxed. Your lifestyle changes gradually, you pay more attention to your diet, and you exercise more. You can also contact the coach directly with your questions so that you do not have to go to the doctor for everything.

Johan Dhaese

As a recognized e-health solution, the Syndo app ensures better compliance to my treatments and leads to less stress among the patients I supervise. The patient satisfaction is greater, which makes me satisfied as a physician.

Dr. Peter Peytchev

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Trial Period

1-Month Completely Free

The application, the action plan, the tips, the follow-up & the weekly telephone sessions are completely free during the first month! In addition, you will also receive a personal report so that you gain an insight into how your lifestyle affects your condition. And this without any obligation: we do not ask for a credit card or other payment details.


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