Plibo provides insight & guidance towards a healthier lifestyle and heart. For people who are overweight, who suffer from high blood pressure or heart failure, or who had a heart attack.


How does my lifestyle affect my heart health?

According to my doctor, I have to completely change my lifestyle. How do I start?

I am not feeling well, am I about to get something in my heart again?

Our Mission

The main aim of the PLIBO program is to help both heart disease patients as well as those who are at risk of developing a heart disease to deal with their condition in the best possible way. Those patients who do not make habit changes concerning their nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep,… are much more likely to develop complications or be hospitalized. That is why we, in collaboration with top cardiologists, have developed this effective program that is officially recognized and supported by the government.

What is

1. Application

Download it for free

By providing scientific information you become an expert in your condition, medication intake reminders and free tips, recommended by cardiologists, guidance on exercise, stress & nutrition.

2. Tracking

Of your vitals

Regular monitoring of blood pressure, body weight & exercise gives you and your doctor insight into the evolution of your most important parameters. These parameters are also monitored by Plibo for abnormal values.

3. Guidance

Personal Coaching

A certified nurse will monitor you personally during the program. He or she will give you concrete tips adapted to your specific situation and help you adjust your lifestyle where necessary. You can also ask your coach any questions.

Plibo App



All the scientific background and information about your pathology.



All the information about the medication that your doctor has prescribed.



HEasy recipes for delicious and healthy meals.



Tailored tips and tricks that help you exercise more regularly.

Iphone X with the Syndo Health app


Tips and tricks to help you cope with and lower your stress levels.



Reminders will ensure you take your medication in a timely and correct fashion.


Consultation Help

What should I tell or ask my physician during my next visit?


Chat function

Your Plibo coach is always reachable via our online chat.











Adapted lifestyle

Your personal coach supports you in dealing with your condition in the best possible way.

Recognize Symptoms

Learn to recognize the symptoms and how to deal with them.

Less Stress

If your blood pressure, weight or exercise deviates from the normal values, you will be contacted by us.

Always Reachable

Thanks to the chat button, your Plibo coach is always available for questions.

With your Doctor

If you wish, you can also share all data with your doctor or cardiologist, so he or she can provide even better care during your next consultations..

Automatic Alarm

In case deviations in your vitals are detected, you will be contacted by us. Based on the symptoms presented, your physician may or may not be contacted also.

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The coach offers a watchful eye and you can get immediately started with the advice you get. You feel more confident. The Plibo app also gives tips with useful information that I didn’t know yet, such as when you best take your medication.

Louis Van Den Brant

Thanks to the Syndo app you get to know your body better and you feel more relaxed. Your lifestyle changes gradually, you pay more attention to your diet, and you exercise more. You can also contact the coach directly with your questions so that you do not have to go to the doctor for everything.

Johan Dhaese

As a recognized e-health solution, the Plibo app ensures better compliance to my treatments and leads to less stress among the patients I supervise. The patient satisfaction is greater, which makes me satisfied as a physician.

Dr. Peter Peytchev


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